About the kennel

Dear friends!
Our kennel was registered by FCI in 2000 year under the name "Yablonevi Tcvet", it means in English "Apple Blossom".
Every kennel' owner, choosing a name, tends to express something, what he/she considers to be most important: geography, mood, or dalmatian itself. I tried to unit all of these. Firstly, Almaty means "Father of Apples". So, there was no way to avoid apples. Blossoming apple trees are a special fantastic spectacle. A person, who ever has seen them, will never forget this. This white lace on naked - still - branches of trees - is a triumph of springtime, life's triumph. In my view, it is exact copy of dalmatian character - all-winning optimism!!! So, the light beauty, joy is a Dalmatian, is a "Apple Blossom".
By the moment our kennel is the only Dalmatian Kennel officially registered by UCK-FCI in Kazakhstan.
Owner of the kennel is Natalya Drovossekova. Now I am president of Dalmatian Club of Kazakhstan, editor of canine magazine, allrounder FCI judge.
Since 2009 we have in our kennel weimaraner.
Welcome to our Site and Kennel!  

Natalya Drovossekova,
Kazakh Dalmatian-Club president
allrounder FCI judge
8 (727) 398 77 87, +7 701 7577990, drovossekova@rambler.ru
Kazakhstan, Almaty